Metaverse Festival for the kids?

We have Whale Sharks huge voxel fridge which has children’s Art NFTS, we have Anonymous who drops Crypto Kiddies which is children art created into NFTS. we have talented youth everywhere who love to draw and create art. Let us create an event for them during these globally trying times. Let us create a 2-day festival where we can collab with parcel owners in the metaverse and create spaces for art and gather art from youth around the globe, share the art and organize a weekend of talent and entertainment.

We could have a parade, live DJ’s, musicians who perform kid friendly sets and speakers who can have reading corner and read children’s books.

This is just an idea. We are doing so much work that this idea can only come to life if we see a response from the community with a notion to work together to pull this off, somewhat like Nifty Pride did.

Let us get the youth excited about this space, lets get them travelling away from minecraft and into CV and DCL.

If anyone is interested, please message me on twitter @kingmizomadeit or start adding on your energy in the comment section below.